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Where and How to Find Best Car Hauling Companies in US and Canada


Car hauling companies are a must when you want to transport your vehicle across the US or even to Canada. Moving to a new place is no easy task at the best of time, and is even more difficult when you are saddled with one or more vehicles that need to be transported.

Driving your car yourself is an option that most people cross out especially if they are the owner of more than one car. Driving long distances or across the border is an unnecessary piece of trouble that is best avoided.

Dealing with the busy traffic, rude drivers and congestion takes a toll on our nerves even before you reach your destination. In such a scenario, why not make things easy for yourself and take the help of a reliable car hauling company who can do the job for you easily, efficiently and at competitive vehicle transport estimates?

Services Provided

Most car hauling companies try to provide the best possible services for you, which include the following:

  • Both open and enclosed transport:  when you hire a car hauling company or site like www.carshippingleads.co who collects auto transport leads, you have the option of choosing between open and enclosed transport. While open transport is more economical, your car will be shipped along with others in an open trailer. In the case of enclosed transport your car is loaded onto a closed truck and is transported with considerably more safety and care.
  • Auto transport of cars, boats, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, vans and RVs
  • Free auto shipping quote which gives you an idea about the approximate cost of the entire venture.
  • Licensed, bonded and legal transport.
  • Door to door services
  • Flexible dates of both pick-up and delivery
  • Full insurance coverage as per agreement
  • Shipping of household goods through the best long distance moving companies such as http://www.longdistancemovingcompanies.co/

Where to Look for?

The best place to find car hauling companies is the internet. By simply searching for car hauling companies you can get a comprehensive list of the companies that fit your requirements. Many people refrain from internet searching as they fear falling prey to scams, but truth is that internet websites can usually get you the best car shipping rates and cross country moving quotes.

However there are several websites that can make your task easier and offer experienced reliable companies that take complete care of your vehicle. The BBB or the Better Business Bureau is a website that helps you find a company in your state which is reliable and certified as providers of good quality services. You can also check out the Department of Motor vehicle, department of transportation.

What Is BBB?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a group of private organizations that monitor companies available online in order to ensure that consumers get the best deals. This also ensured that any fraud companies or tricksters do not get a free hand. Consumers, by looking for the BBB certificate can avoid falling prey to scam.

Is the Insurance Value Enough to Cover the Cost of the Car?

While choosing a car hauling company, make sure you run a thorough check. You must ensure that the car hauling truck or hauler which will transport your car is covered by an insurance premium.

Reliable car hauling companies should carry about $1,000,000 public liability insurance and about $250,000 cargo insurance. Car haulers should have proper documentation kept in their trucks. This is especially important in case your car is being transported across the border, to or from Canada.

Is There Anything Else That One Should Know?

You can get the exact quote from the auto transport companies so that there are no nasty shocks when you are paying. Most companies have no extra or hidden charges and the quoted price is usually final.

In case of non-moving vehicles, you may have to pay an additional charge of $150 to $200 in order to cover the extra costs incurred.